Your Hudson Valley EDDM™ Partner

Cornerstone Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 for the purpose of assisting businesses and not-for-profit organizations with their direct mail and related communication needs. Over the years, we have been done work for diverse overseas clients such as a Danish foreign embassy, German clothing designers, a Luxembourg industrial fabric firm, a South African Catholic charity, and many, many Canadian Ltd.'s. In 2003, we expanded to support NYS political campaigns through data filtering, GOTV strategies and targeted mailings. In 2006, we added unique and proprietary Real Property data analysis to our data rental products. Current non-profit clients include major national foundations as well as Northeast universities and colleges. In 2012, we launched our EDDM™ services site -- the site that you are on now.

Cornerstone currently belongs to 18 chambers of commerce including the PCC (Postal Customer Council) and the MSMA (Mail Systems Management Association). 100% of full-time staff members are USPS professionally trained via Mail Design Professional certification -- the only firm to which we are aware at this level of service standards. Further, the President, Sean Griffin, is also a Board Member at Large for the MSMA New York Chapter and is one of only approx. 500 CMDSM (Certified Mail & Distribution Systems Manager) professionals in the United States.

Most of our clients value the one-stop-shop approach. They can get everything here, and everything we do is designed to be simple, straight-forward, delivered on-time, under budget and uneventfully. Further, Cornerstone abides by strict internally developed auditing standards and operates via a unique Project Management approach whereby clients work with a dedicated, singular (but staff-supported) point-person who follows an assigned job from start to finish.

To learn more, please contact us at (845) 255-5722 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.