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What is Every Door Direct Mail™?

Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM™) is a service from the USPS that allows you to market to every address in a given area without the needs for names or street address. Additionally there’s no need for a postage permit and there are no annual fees to pay, making it a great marketing tool for small businesses.

Radical EDDM™ may be for you...

Cornerstone's prime directive for your Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM™) is to maximize results and make sure that people don't ignore what you (we) send them. This shouldn't be considered a "radical" approach, but all too often, it is. Obviously we don't guarantee results, but we do guarantee that you will get 100% of our attention and that we will not try to sell you a commodity service or product you do not need. Here's what Cornerstone does differently:

Now, it's a lot easier if you contact us vs. our guessing who you are. We promise not to waste your time.